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Case study-Intel Corp Case Study example
Case Study
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1. Information and Technology (IT) plays a pivotal role at Intel. Digital communication technology such as computers, smart phones as well as iPads among other gadgets has significantly gained prominence at Intel. Most of the work at this company is done using this new kind of communication technology.


The stakeholders of a company are the people who have a key stake in its operations or are affected by its activities. As such, it can be seen that the key stakeholders for Intel are many and these include the workers who work for the company. These people are responsible for performing the actual tasks in the organization. The management as well as other executive people in the company are also key stakeholders since they are responsible for controlling the activities taking place in the company. The clients of Intel are also major stakeholders since they contribute to its performance. The suppliers who provide the material used by Intel are also key stakeholders. The Company also distributes its products through different agents and these are also stakeholders for the organization. 2. Consumerisation of IT (CoIT) refers to the process where consumer technology is adopted for business purposes. For instance, it can be seen that mobile technology that is specifically meant for communication purposes among different individuals is now being used for conducting different types of business. Instead of just using communication technology for social communication purposes, most organizations are encouraging their employees to adopt this technology in their operations so that they improve their efficiency at work. ...
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