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The current financial market place should be well sustained because it fundamental to the success of any investor. Any investor needs to investigate an asset allocation that best match with personal investment objectives and approach.


This paper intends to examine a favorable portfolio for a 25-year old, planning to invest $100,000 in both mutual funds and stocks. The study seeks to roll portfolio that considers investments with high-risk tolerance. The portfolio will include three stocks, three mutual bonds and 2ETFs. As point of departure investment strategy is fundamental in meeting the anticipated goals. For instance, in this study, the portfolio attributed to high risk is adopted because the young investor is aggressive. This implies that, the more risk born, the more aggressive the portfolio (David, 112). The aspect of aggressiveness of a portfolio versus the extent of risk to be born, explains the aggressive portfolio to be considered in this study. The investor should embrace the aggressive type of portfolio. An aggressive portfolio devotes a bigger portion to equities and relatively less portions to bonds and other fixed income securities. In this study, an aggressive investment portfolio is considered. For purposes of in- depth understanding, examine the following pie chart indicating, the approximated percentages of investments in each section (Mark, 45). This portfolio intends to invest in equities, treasury fund, bond funds and cash equivalents. The Equities take a large share because of the aggressive nature of the investor and this is attributed to high-risk investments (David, 112). ...
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