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International marketing management

The sunglasses were attractive and effective when it came to blocking harmful rays and excess light ( The sunglasses market was crowded. Many companies were producing sunglasses for a ready market that was willing to spend on them. Success was brought about by the fact that many movie stars loved putting on shades. The movie stars embraced them as they gave them a chance to participate in activities while at the same time maintaining a distance. For Polaroid Corporation to be successful in their endeavor, they had to come up with a unique product. This they achieved through the polarized sunglasses. This came at a time when the threat of global warming and ozone depletion was becoming all too real. Ozone depletion meant that people would be exposed to harmful radiation from the sun and other surfaces. They were perfect for driving to protect the eyes from reflection from the hood of vehicles. They were also effective in protecting people from reflection of light from the ocean or any other water body. The possibility of Polaroid sunglasses making a comeback is imminent. The following that it commanded over the years has maintained though somewhat suppressed. The best way to make a comeback is by reminding the customers of the qualities they once loved about a product. ...
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Polaroid sunglasses to come back Name: Instructor: University: Course: Date: Polaroid Sunglasses to Come Back Polaroid sunglasses are a product of the Polaroid Corporation which is under the Italian company Safilo Group. The Polaroid stands for the polarization of celluloid…
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