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Semiotics Table of Contents Introduction 3 Semiotics 4 Role of Semiotics in Branding 5 Semiotics Enhancing Brand Equity 7 Pierce and Saussure Model of Defining Semiotics and its Use in Marketing 8 Conclusion 11 12 References 13 Introduction The global market has become fiercely competitive over the years with the increased density in the number of players operating in the market.


In this regarded, maintaining a strong good will of the company is considered as a paramount aspect in order to successfully sustain its business in the present intricate and dynamic business environment. Consequently, companies can be seen to be developing effective strategies that could make a distinct reputation for them among the competitors in the market. It is evident that various departments of business work in a collaborative manner to assure accomplishment of the organisation goals in an effective manner. Among the various departmental activities of business operations, the domain of marketing is quite crucial as it is closely related in dealing with customers. With proper marketing, companies intend to develop a recognisable and well-known brand image for themselves that would favourably impact the overall operations of the business. There are various ways of development of brand for a particular product or the overall organisation. However, the concept of semiotics has attracted the attention of many business organisations. ...
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