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Blood Bananas: Chiquita in Colombia Name Course Name Instructor Date Root causes for Chiquita’s actions in Columbia As a multinational company, Chiquita was one of the largest companies in the banana industry in America. This being the case, the pressure for expansion drove them to many countries across the board, including Columbia.


In order to protect their market, some subsidiaries of Chiquita, particularly those in Colombia, had to compromise the professionalism by which the company was run and in the process, damaging the reputation of Chiquita. Among the negative actions that were allegedly committed included the supporting the coups that the US government attempted against perceived smaller nations, the establishment of a monopolistic system that was abusive, conducting business transactions with suspected terrorists, and exploitation. Perhaps it would be appropriate to state explain the main reasons behind such heinous acts by Chiquita. Maybe the main motivating factor for Chiquita to act in the way it did in Columbia was to gain a competitive advantage in the Columbian market. Although the advantage that the company gained during the period was not warranted, it used it for both business and political purposes especially in collaboration with willing governments. When it comes to the issuance of protection fees and doing business with suspected terrorist, perhaps Chiquita was driven by honest business agenda that advocated for an all-inclusive market. Besides, certain governments that had huge interest within the company could have sponsored the actions that Chiquita was responsible for in Colombia. ...
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