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Business Communication Trend: Online Social Networking [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] Business Communication Trend: Online Social Networking Introduction Main purpose of this article is to discuss expansion EduTot that is the educational toy company.


Study also focuses on political, cultural and religious factors that affect these countries expand EduTots. Infrastructure and Ability to Expand Infrastructure in France is the very complex infrastructure of world. In France, transport system is very good, and it is even possible in rivers. Railway network is also being developed, and there are almost 31,939 km of railways in country. River in heavy use and about 47 % of rivers are in use. Number of airports in France is 474. As infrastructure of France very well, so, country has opportunity to make distribution of country very well (Barron Berger and Black 2004). Advertising media in France are very advanced, and media is very successful. Due to increasing competition, companies in France to pay more attention to advertising, so would be suitable for EduTots to market your product in France and to promote the better way. Competition in France is very high, and thus, company has gained the advantage that country may well priced products EduTots. Infrastructure in Ireland not put the lot of space, and country has been making continuous efforts to develop its infrastructure. Irish roads are below average and people filling almost every day. Transport system in Ireland depends on car, percentage of freight traffic on roads is 86 %, and passenger traffic is 97 % (Zhihong & Fang 2011). ...
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