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The age of globalization has opened up the markets in several economies and the companies have expanded in the global markets in order to tap the potential market demand.The increase in market competition has increased the bargaining power of the customers.


The stimuli related to the brand that evokes various behavioural responses of the consumers are due to various features of the brand which are namely, the communications of the brand, the packaging of the products offered under the brand names and the market environment created by the brand strategies of the company (Aaker, 1996, p.47). Brand experience is of high importance to the companies in today’s market as the brand experience enjoyed by the customers creates an attachment towards preferred brands and hence, develops brand loyalty. In order to sustain business growth in the competitive markets, the companies put additional focus in including brand experience in their market strategies. By acquiring a loyal set of customer through brand experience, the companies have been able to acquire and maintain substantial market share in the industry. This piece of work includes a review of the literature on brand experience and the marketing strategies adopted by the companies in order to develop their brand experience (Aaker, 1997, p.352). The aspect of brand experience has been discussed in context to Cartier luxury brand. ...
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