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The impact of culture difference on advertising: Research proposal Name: Institution: Course: Tutor name: Date: November 26, 2013-11-26. The impact of culture difference on advertising: Research proposal Title: The impact of culture difference on advertising Rationale Businesses operate in competitive environments and are driven by profit maximization motives…


Advertisement also helps organizations to develop brands for their products towards customer loyalty and creates awareness of newly introduced products into the market of improvements on existing products. Other objectives of advertising are publicising a discrete product, developing a corporate image, and gaining access to a target market (Butterfield, 2012). Advertisement is however, a communication strategy is susceptible to different barriers to effective communication. Existence of a barrier limits dissemination of intended information to a target population and therefore hinders the roles of advertisement. Cultural difference between communicating parties or differences among sub sections of the target audience therefore determines effectiveness of a communication and as Keyton explains, such differences may limit effectiveness of advertisement or may improve effectiveness (2010). People find difficulty in understanding communications that are based on foreign cultures and cultural stereotypes and offer barrier to effective communication, and hence advertisement, in a multicultural set up. Integral cultures have however been associated with facilitated communication (Nelson and Quick, 2012). ...
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