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Marketing Management Name: Tutor: Institution: Date: Marketing Management: Marks and Spencer Company Background Marks and Spencer has been operating for the last 129 years, whereby it grew from a single market stall and it became an international multi-channel retailer.


Revenue generated by this company is divided at a 54% from sales of food and 46% general merchandise. However, some of the activities that generate income for the company range from purchases and delivery, which offers customers a good shopping experience. 1. A. Macro environmental factors PESTLE ANALYSIS Political Factors M&S has been subjected to tax policies, political and environmental laws are entailed in the UK, leading to substantial influence on with holding their products from the public. The company focuses on gaining and maintaining good attitude towards foreign companies, which is evident through their association with other companies. Moreover, they are always adhered to the laws on hiring and firing, hence there have been no cases of employee disputes in the company.  Therefore, they appreciate the fact that political factors are related to the extent of government intervention and economy.   Economic Factors The rate of unemployment has been falling at a fast rate and the measure of Gross national product is rising at a modest rate in UK. The government has made the relevant effort to lower the interest rates in order to facilitate borrowing of by customers, hence increasing their purchasing power. Nevertheless, the inflation is being controlled by the government through the relevant fiscal policies aimed at regulating money supply into the UK economy. ...
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