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Branding Introduction A brand is dubbed as the personality that identifies a product, company or service and is represented through the name, sign, term, symbol, design or a combination of all these factors (Donavan, Janda and Suh, 2006). A company uses brands for the purpose of enhancing their visibility in the market place and thus, branding is as an essential tool in the marketing strategy of a firm…

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An organization attracts and maintains a base of loyal customers by promoting their prestige, image, value and lifestyle through the efforts of branding. A number of studies have shown that proper branding leads to higher sales of the products and other services associated with the brand (Hill, 2008). For example, if a customer likes Dairy Milk, a brand of Cadbury, he or she is more likely to taste Bourneville as well. A good brand has the ability to deliver the messages of the company to its target audiences, influence and motivate the buyers, confirms the credibility of the firm and emotionally connects with the target population. However, to achieve success by means of proper branding practices, it needs to understand the needs and wants of the customers (Clarke, 2001). It is often argued that a brand resides in the mind and the heart of a consumer and positively influences customer purchase behaviour, but few academicians disagree to this fact and deem that a brand image can influence the purchase negatively as well (Knox and Denison, 2000). This report seeks to analyse the opportunities for development of a particular brand. However, prior to the identification of the opportunities of the brand, the study will review and identify the weak points and challenges of the brand. ...
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