"Critically discuss the extent to which 'globalisation' is an opportunity or threat to international business"

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Globalization: An Opportunity or a Threat to International Business? Author’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course Details: Institutional Affiliation: Date of Submission Globalization: An Opportunity or a Threat to International Business? Introduction A pervasive phenomenon whose effects can be felt right at the comfort of every individual the world over yet with very limited unanimity in meaning, globalization has had a history that can precisely be termed as controversial.


A fundamental dynamic of our epoch driving the change processes of the 21st century, globalization is promoted and resisted in equal measure, with its management touted as the most satisfying and morally upright compromise (McGrew, 2000, p. ix). From the perspective of the radical right reaching other continents with mutually beneficial effects to the more adaptive strategies that has found favor in the mainstream politics of the Third World, the writing, which may seem obscure, is on the wall; the weight of the concept is felt in both the extremes. Indeed, as the confused ideals of globalization become more pronounced with opportunities that more than break into the hitherto insulated environments for certain ventures, the multifold risks in the enlarged business environment are increasingly taking ventures even closer to complete elimination. Put into perspective, it is most revealing that even in the face of fierce criticisms, notwithstanding how both sides of the divide conceives or rationalizes the concept, it is firmly accepted that globalization is but a reality on course (Held, et al, 1999). ...
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