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Integrated marketing strategy Contents Introduction 3 Main Body 4 Price 4 Product 7 Place 11 Promotion 14 Conclusion 15 Reference 17 Introduction Apple has been a one of the dominating player in the technology market. Apple has revolutionized the technology market for a long time…


The current head is Tim Cook. In this report we will take consider Apple iPad as our product. Apple iPad was introduced in the market on January 27, 2010. Apple iPad is used for reading magazines, newspaper, eBooks photos, textbooks, videos, movies etc. People can see TV shows, use word processing documents, spreadsheets, and power point presentations and play video games. It can also be used for browsing and listening to music from iTunes Library and can access different applications form App store. Then again Apple introduced the modified version of iPad as iPad 2 on March 2, 2011. Following it Apple launched third-generation iPad as “the new iPad” on March 7, 2012. On October 23, 2012 Apple came out with fourth generation iPad known as “iPad with Retina display”. Finally on October 22, 2013 Apple launched the fourth generation iPad which was marketed as “iPad Air”. Hence it can be seen that Apple has been quite innovative on its iPad series and plans to make the product capture much of the iPad market around the world. Since its launch, iPad users have downloaded around three billion apps worldwide. This shows the popularity of the product and the acceptance among general public. ...
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