Task: Choose a product and identify its key features. Outline the criteria that could be used to identify potential target segm - Essay Example

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Task: Choose a product and identify its key features. Outline the criteria that could be used to identify potential target segm

Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 Analysis of the market place, Industry and product 4 Analysis of market place 4 Analysis of industry of the sports shoes 5 Analysis of Sports shoe 6 Market segmentation for sports shoes 7 Targeting strategies for sports shoes 8 Recommended positioning strategies for sports shoes 8 Conclusion 9 References 10 Appendices 11 Introduction This essay aims to analyze and examine the importance of the sports shoes in the entire segment of sportswear. Along with this, it also highlights the distinctive features and benefits that the sports shoe presents to its target customers (athletes). And it also highlights the industry, product and market background of the product (sports shoes) in the market among the other major rival players. And it also includes the segmentation and targeting and positioning strategy of the sports shoes in the market among other existing rivals. This essay mainly comprises of five phases such as introduction, market sector and industry analysis, segmentation, target market and the positioning strategy. ...
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Choose a product (Sport Shoe) and identify its key features. Outline the criteria that could be used to identify potential target segments for this product (Sport Shoe) and discuss a potential positioning strategy for the product Executive Summary This essay mainly highlights the reputation and key characteristic features of the Sports shoes in global market among many other rival players…
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