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A man called Genichi Kawakami who is also the first President of the Yamaha Company (Smokie, 2013) started the Yamaha Motor Company in the year 1953. It was in the same year that Kawakami used an old aircraft machine to make his first machine.


When the Company started, it manufactured auto parts, scooters, sewing machines and even three wheeled motors. However, due to the stiff competition from other manufacturers of these machines, the Yamaha Company specialized on the production of motorcycle. In the year 1954, the first model of Yamaha motorbike (YA-1) was complete. After a rigorous road test of the this motorbike, the founders of Yamaha Company built a factory too start the mass manufacturing of the YA-1 motorbike at a place called Nipon Gakki. On first of July 1955, the Yamaha Motor Co., LTD was founded. During that year, the Company had over 270 who were able to manufacture 200 YA-1 motorcycles in one month. This fast growth influenced the company to engage its motor cycles into the two top races in Japan; the Asma Highlands race and the Fuji mountain race. In the year 1956, the Company came up with another model; the YC1, followed by YD-1 in the year 1957. Two year after Yamaha’s engagement in motorbike races, they made a step into the International racing in the year 1958. They finished in the sixth position in the Catalina Grand Prix, and became the first Japanese motorbike to compete in an International race. The participation of Yamaha in the Catalina grand Prix gave this brand an international recognition, since many people worldwide began appreciating the Yamaha technology, especially in the USA (Smokie, 2013). ...
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