“5 Marketing Problems We Need To Solve Now”

“5 Marketing Problems We Need To Solve Now”  Essay example
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The analysis is about an article published in the website of Forbes in July 2013. The article focuses on five issues that are critical for marketing: the credibility of sample in marketing research, marketing simulation, the search engine optimization, the marketing integration and the skills gap.


All these issues are important in order for marketing to respond to the demand of this role. Moreover, according to the author of the article, the challenges that marketing currently faces in regard to the specific elements/ sectors are strong. The specific elements of marketing have been set under evaluation through this paper using appropriate literature. The issues on which the article focuses have been explained in the literature using different approaches. Reference should be made primarily to the criteria on which the sample used in a marketing research project is chosen. According to Stevens, Wrenn and Loudon (2012) the sample that will be employed in a marketing research plan should not be chosen before identifying the research questions and before setting the research hypothesis. Lamb, Hair and McDaniel (2008) also agree that the choice of a sample that will be used in a research project needs to be made after finishing the marketing plan on which the specific project will be based. Based on the above, the view developed in the article that without a complete marketing plan no action in regard to a specific marketing research project should begin should be considered as fully verified. ...
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