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FedEx Express Abstract: From Federal Export to FDX then FedEx and all its subsidiaries and acquisitions is been discussed. The shining star of FedEx Corporation is FedEx Express. From its starts to struggle, during subprime crisis then European economic slowdown to the rise of South East Asian market and shift of the center of mass of the global economy from western world to eastern world FedEx Express was in business and continuing it prominently because of its strategic management and superior marketing team.


FedEx started its business long back in 1997 as a logistics services company which specialization was import/ export division with the name FDX. But it started its full operation in 1998 after the acquisition of Caliber System Inc. After that it started ground services with express shipping. Caliber handled the small package ground service and RPS; Viking Freight handled the less than truck loads throughout the western United States, Roberts Express handled the shipping services, airfreight services between Caribbean and United States handled by Caribbean Transportation Services. For technology solutions it got help from Caliber Logistics and Caliber Technology. Later in 2000 FedEx bought Tower Group International which was a logistics services company working internationally and WorldTariff which was a tax and customs duty organization. And then merged those two organizations, and form FedEx Trade Network. (FedEx Express, 2013) The main line of business of the FedEx Express: Later in 2004 FedEx Corp takes over Kinko’s Inc. and set up FedEx Kinko’s. After this merging FedEx not only became a logistics provider for organizations but it enhance its operation to the individual public. ...
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