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Marketing Principle [Name] [Course Title] [University] SECTION 1 Identify and analyze the individual elements of the extended marketing mix. Extended marketing mix is considered to be different combination of different marketing activities that are undertaken by a firm in order to meet the need of the market it is planning to cater.


There has been an extension in this marketing mix adding more elements to it. 3 Ps have been added to this traditional marketing mix. These Ps are: Physical Layout: Initially the physical appearance of the production unit prepared in the factories were not given much significance but now as the customers purchase a product from the retail store their expectation with the presentation of the product has increased. Provision of Customer Service: In the heart of the modern service industry lays customer service. The firms that serve their customers will succeed in gaining their loyalty. The firms need to give their best shot whether it be listening to the customers queries on phones or interacting with them face to face. “Have a nice day” approach works better than the “I don’t care” attitude of the firm’s employees that come in contact with the customers. Processes: There are a lot of processes related to customer services that make the marketing effective for any organization. These processes may include handling the complaints received by the customers, identifying the needs and requirements of the customers and the processes related to handling of the orders. Now the extended marketing mix involves Place, price, product, promotion, physical layout, processes and Provision of customer service. ...
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