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no title, just answer questions as essay. Essay example
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Marketing Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 PART I - Contemporary Retailing 3 PART II - E-Fashion Retailing 7 Reference List 13 PART I - Contemporary Retailing Answer 1 The subject of interior decoration has huge scope and is applicable to numerous fields of business.


In addition, human resource is also a crucial part of this arrangement. For example, even the largest of houses can experience lack of space if the interior design is not good enough. On the contrary, better interior design of a tiny space can be more functional. Hence, it is evident that interior design is much more important than what it seemed at the first glance (Levy and Weitz, 2007). Now the subject of discussion and evaluation of this part of the study is whether designing an interior store environment is a science or an art by itself. Both the dimensions plays critical role in the designing process. For example, the interior outlook, designing the floors and creation of the ambience is an art whereas factors such as movement space, product placement, and lighting are critical parts of science. Furthermore, research studies have enumerated the fact that the interior store environment has a direct impact on shopper’s buying behaviour. Hence, on the basis of the analysis and discussion it can be concluded that the design of the interior store environment is a combination of science and arts. However, if the statement is evaluated i.e. ...
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