Consumer Behaviour on Facebook

Consumer Behaviour on Facebook Essay example
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The social commerce as discussed in the case study of “Social Commerce-The New Retail Frontier” has shown significant contribution towards the consumer buying behaviour.


The case study described clearly demonstrated the way people buy things have undergone major transition. The consumer buying behaviours have changed dramatically with the advent of the Social commerce. The case study also described about the major players, who contributed significantly in the social commerce business. The strategy followed by ‘Groupon’ that offered heavy discount on different products was a success. The inculcation of global e-commerce led to the evolution of new infrastructure in the business world. Merchandising was believed to be the key difference between old e-commerce and the new method of selling with the help of internet. The Consumer behaviour is believed to be the most important concept of marketing. The organization’s success and failure can be determined with the help of identifying the behaviours and attitude of its consumers towards the company’s product. Today E-commerce is considered to be the most important and significant evolution in the business world. The e-commerce is represented in terms of social commerce, which is believed to be the subset of e-commerce. The main function of social commerce is to facilitate the online business activities without the requirement of any hard shape structure of the business. In the new world of technology and efficiency, social networking is becoming the necessity of life for the internet users. ...
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