Exploring University students' Perception of Healthy Eating and food consumption

Exploring University students
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A Qualitative Study into University of Leicester Students’ Perception of Healthy Eating and Food Consumption University of Leicester Table of Contents Research Problems and Background Literature 3 Research Aim and Objectives 4 Evaluation of Research design 5 Research paradigm 5 Data collection methods 6 Sampling rationale and procedure 7 Research procedure 7 Ethical concerns 8 Data analysis 9 Research findings and discussion 9 Conclusion and recommendations 14 Reflection 16 Bibliography 18 Table of tables 20 Table of appendices 21 Students’ perception of Healthy Eating and Food Consumption Research Problems and Background Literature This chapter explores student’s Perception of Healthy


Other studies have shown that many students tend to consume more junk food daily than they tend to consume vegetables or fruits (Roosen et al., 2011). As a result, there have been reported cases of high fat and calorie food intake (Dunn, 2013). This is attributed to the fact that food preference is developed early in life and becomes more predominant as one transit from childhood to adulthood. One such transition is when one leaves home and joins college or university meaning that he or she has to make his or her own decisions pertaining food choices. Another research shows that university students often employ poor eating lifestyles leading to ill-health and weight complications early in their lives (Edelstein, 2011). ...
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