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importance of sustained economic growth, - Essay Example

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GVA and GVA per Head – Analysis of South West Region in the UK GVA and GVA per Head – Analysis of South West Region in the UK Latest Gross Value Added (GVA) and Gross Value Added per Head The latest Gross Value Added (GVA) and Gross Value Added per Head data for each of the NUTS1 regions have been published by the ONS on 11th December 2013 (Office for National Statistics, 2013a)…

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importance of sustained economic growth,

As far as South West region is concerned, the percentage share of the region in UK’s total GVA for the year 2012 has been 7.3 percent, which does not reflect a significant rise in it in comparison with the previous years’ GVA. Analysis of the Trends in GVA, GVA per Head and GVA per Head Indices for South West Region (1997 – 2012) Keeping in view the data pertaining to the gross value added by South West, there has been a sustained increase in the workplace based GVA at current basic prices on a year on year basis (See Appendix II). Similarly, this consistency has been maintained in the GVA per head also. The trends in these variables have been graphically presented as follows: For both GVA and GVA per head, there have been increasing trends noted in the time period under consideration. Particularly from 1997 to 2007, the increase in the growth for GVA has been higher and the rate of growth has declined a bit from 2007 and onwards. These trends are true for both GVA and GVA per head. ...
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