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Chapter Four Analysis and Results Introduction The analysis of statistical data serves as an important part of the overall research process. It is possible for a researcher to collect valid data that may be misinterpreted due to errors in the analytical techniques being used.


The contention behind internal consistency checks is to ensure that the research questions produce consistent responses in the case of the respondents. It is common practice to insert similar questions in research surveys in order to gauge whether respondents answer these questions similarly (Berg, 2001). Research in marketing often entails working with a number of different variables in order to establish the relationship between such variables. Typically the data collected in order to carry out social sciences or marketing research relies in large part on quantitative research backed up by qualitative research to fill out the missing gaps. The use of large sets of quantitative data such as in the current research poses a number of problems in itself. For one thing, there are a number of variables who could be related to each other and may have an impact on the overall hypothesis. Such relationships between variables may pose strong or weak connections in one or more variables that need to be investigated. A preferred method to carry out such investigations is to use a factor analysis (Creswell, 2009) to determine the degree of correlation between various variables. Often a number of variables may be related to each other such that other variables may also exert an influence on the overall relationship. ...
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