The Central Intelligence Agancy (CIA)

The Central Intelligence Agancy (CIA) Assignment example
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INTRODUCTION The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the leading independent intelligence agency of US government which is responsible to provide the national security concerns to US government. It was formed under National Security Act of 1947. The agency controls sensitive nature of work and therefore directly reports the security concerns to the senior policymakers of US government.


The history of intelligence activities in United States started in the period of George Washington but since World War II these activities are properly coordinated and directed by government. For this purpose, a New York lawyer “William J. Donovan” was appointed as the first coordinator of information. He then became the head of the Office of strategic Services (OSS) in 1942 when US entered in World War II. The responsibilities of OSS were to collect and analyze information. However, it was dissolved after World War II along with other agencies and the functions of OSS were transferred to state and War departments (DNI, 2011, 7). After some time, President Truman (The US President of that time) felt the need of Intelligence organization and decided to create a separate intelligence agency of United State. Truman, under National Security Act 1947, established Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The primary responsibilities of CIA under the National Security Act were evaluating and disseminate secret information which influence on security risk of United States (DNI, 2011, 7). After a long time, President George W. Bush took the major steps on December 2004. He signed the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act. ...
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