A Study on People's willingness to buy Hybrid Cars : Pros and Cons

A Study on People
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A STUDY OF PEOPLE’S WILLINGNESS TO BUY HYBRID CARS : PROS AND CONS Abstract This research work has been designed to study the willingness of people to buy hybrid cars. The research explores the literature related to the pros and cons of hybrid cars, the intrinsic motives and extrinsic motives that drive the buying pattern of these cars and the efforts of government and environmental organizations in promoting the purchase of hybrid cars.


The data collected by qualitative method has been analyzed by SWOT analysis and the data of quantitative method has been analyzed by statistical methods. Based on the findings, it has been shown that hybrid cars have many advantages like fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, less maintenance, tax incentives and improved status image. These factors drive the consumers to buy them. Hence it is seen that most of the people are willing to buy hybrid cars as it satisfies their intrinsic motives like strong thirst to save environment and extrinsic motives like status image in society. Also, few recommendations have been included that could improve the design of hybrid cars for space and comfort, improvement in battery technology, effective marketing to improve awareness among people about functions and benefits of new hybrid technology. Chapter 1 – Introduction This chapter presents the introduction about the research topic, the background in which the research is conducted, the main problem statement, the aim and objectives. Followed by these the main research question and the research hypotheses are discussed along with the method of research implementation and scope of the research. 1.1. ...
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