Nando's Opening Restaurant in Hong Kong - Business Plan

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Nando's is an off-the-cuff dining restaurant clutch initiating from South Africa with a Mozambican/Portuguese ambience. Created in 1987, Nando's functions in thirty countries through 950 branches on five continents.


In certain countries, Nando's has other savor selections like Mediterranean or mango and lime. This paper looks at the 9-steps business model for Nando’s Opening a restaurant in Hong Kong, China. Destination Introduction – Hong Kong Contemporary Hong Kong has a primarily service-centered economy (Hong Kong Census, 2007), plus restaurant industries serve as a chief economic provider. With the third-thickest population per square meters in the whole world plus harboring a populace of around 7 million (Hong Kong Statistics, 2007), Hong Kong is host to a restaurant business with powerful competition. Because of its small geographical proportions, Hong Kong comprises a great number of restaurants per unit area. The target clientele of the Nando’s is people from all walks of life. ...
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