Consumer Behaviour

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INTRODUCTION Primary objective of businesses is to strengthen its financial or more simple to state would be to earn profits. Profit generation require businesses to strengthen and enhance its customer base by increasing number of customers associated with its products (or brand) while maintaining focus to retain existing ones.


Consumer behaviour, hence, entails understanding different attitude and behaviour of the consumers along with exploring factors having impact on these attitude and behaviours (Peter and Olson, 2008). For the purpose, various theories and models have been derived to somewhat provide generalised guideline impact of these factors on consumer buying behaviour (Hawkins & Mothersbaugh, 2009). Businesses to influence the buying behaviour uses various tactics such as advertising, promotions and other market tactics that increases probabilities of consumer purchasing company’s product. Designing and devising these tactics are guided by the understanding of factors that are capable of influencing of consumer attitude and behaviour and direct purchase decision (Neal, Quester, & Hawkins, 2004). To develop insight about aforesaid mentioned factors, this paper develops research to explore activities an organisation undertakes in relation with different consumer behaviour models and theories. Organisation’s undertakes many activities to direct consumer behaviour. For instance, marketing mix used to generate favourable response include product, brand, advertisement, packaging, point of purchase display etc in an integrated manner (East, Wright, and Vanhuele, 2008). ...
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