Is Facebook Marketing Effective?

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Methodology plays an important part in making a research successful. In case of selection of an inappropriate methodology, there can be hazardous results for the student as the whole research can end in nothing at all.


The methodology that I have opted for this research is qualitative methodology, as I will involve the available literature for answering the question of my research that is “Is Facebook marketing effective?”. Qualitative methodology involves literature review in which, the reviewer can make use of available information to analyze his topic and find answers to questions raised in a study. Literature review is quite beneficial as the student gets a chance to collect useful information pertaining a topic of his own interest and can reuse this information for finding solution to the problems in his study. For this study, literature review is much more suitable. Internet is an attractive medium for different kinds of businesses operative in today’s world. A rapid increase can be seen in e-commerce and internet marketing activities all over the globe. People of all ages show interest in the usage of this network as they can connect with the whole world. Social networking websites can be categorised as the most likable platform for all the users of internet. Among many other social networking websites, Facebook is one. Businesses and e-businesses all over the world give significance to Facebook as a social networking site suitable for advertising purposes. ...
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