The effect of economic crisis to the marketing strategy of Volkswagen in Asian market: The case of Vietnam

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The Effect of Economic Crisis to the Marketing Strategy of Volkswagen in Asian Market: The Case of Vietnam 3. Research methodology Research is commonly referred to as the search of knowledge. Apart from that, one can also consider research as a systematic and scientific way of exploring information on a particular area of study (Kumar, 2005).


The research has been divided into six segments. The first section is the research philosophy based on which a particular approach among positivist or interpretivist will be chosen. The next segment will illustrate the research design, where both qualitative and quantitative approach will be evaluated and a suitable approach will be selected. In the third section, the research questions will be highlighted. The fourth section is of prime importance, as this section will put emphasis on the research method for this study. Moreover, it will also shed some light on the chosen method as well on the alternative method available for the study. The subsequent segment will examine the reliability and validity of the research. Finally, the last segment will emphasize on the ethical factors pertaining to the research that is to say it will highlight the ethical considerations adopted for this study. 3.1. Research Philosophy Research Philosophy is a belief about the way data must be gathered, used and analysed for a particular phenomenon. In general there are two major research philosophies namely positivist and interpretivist (City University of Hong Kong, 2011). ...
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