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A campaign for school marketing, in order to be successful, must be built upon a foundation that accounts for the differences between services and physical goods, and accommodates the market presentation of school-based services in a way that allows the school to be competitive.


Product-Service Marketing and the Differentiation of Goals According to most accounts in the literature there is no such thing as a pure good or a pure service. Physical goods may be as objects, material devices, or things, whereas services are defined as efforts or performances relative to a consumer’s stated needs. In these definitions, the obvious factors that differentiate goods from services are delineated. Goods are tangible and substantial. Services are intangible and immaterial. It should be noticed in this construction that goods are best defined positively by what they are materially, while services are defined by what they are not, by their ephemeral and impermanent nature. Too much can be made of this distinction. However, it does point to a central tendency within the marketing, sale, and maintenance of services that is critical to acknowledge. Marketing of services revolves largely around relationships and the variables that are attached to them, such as trust, ethics, and mutual benefit, while goods revolve around the delivery of a specific material object. Of course, because there is no such thing as a pure good or service, the lines of distinction between the two concepts may be easy to blur. ...
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