How does Starbuck or IKEA create the customer experience in their marketing?

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How does IKEA create the customer experience in their marketing? Name Course University Date of Submission How does IKEA create the customer experience in their marketing? IKEA was started up in 1943 in Sweden, since then the company has grown into a huge conglomerate with a large employee base and diverse global presence.


It will look at this issue in collaboration with important factors such as the marketing mix, brand image, CSR and CRM. Customer experience is generated when the customer engages in “contact” with the company (Meyer and Schwager, 2007). This contact can be generated “directly”, that is through purchase of product/service, use of product/service and after sales service provided by the company. Contact can also be created “indirectly” where customer experience is created through means such as advertisement, promotion, reviews and recommendations (Meyer and Schwager, 2007). The internet is becoming an important tool in forming an indirect contact between the company and its customers and hence in creating customer experience in this modern business landscape. A flourishing customer experience can be created by entrenching all the company’s products with the company’s core value proposition. Another important nugget is that the expectations of the customer are shaped in part by the type of experience they’ve had with the company recently. So if they had a good experience, they will expect more out of the company and its product offerings (Meyer and Schwager, 2007). IKEA goes out of the way to create customer experience for its customers. Its website is welcoming and easy to navigate. ...
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