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International Marketing Table of Contents Introduction 4 Overview of the two companies 4 Procter and Gamble 4 Nestle 5 SWOT Analysis 6 Strengths 6 Weaknesses 6 Opportunities 7 Threats 7 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis 8 Threat of new entrants 8 Power of buyers 9 Power of suppliers 9 Power of substitutes 9 Competitors 10 Marketing Mix 10 Product strategy 10 Price strategy 11 Distribution strategy 11 Promotion strategy 12 References 13 Bibliography 15 Introduction This paper represents a business report about critical evaluation and comparison of marketing strategies of the two global FMCG brands: Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Nestle.


these methods help to identify the efficiency of marketing strategies developed and implemented by the companies (Cateora, Gilly & Graham, 2009, p.7). On the other side, evaluation of the effectiveness of marketing strategies will be done through cost effectiveness business operation and growth of revenue of the companies. Before starting in-depth analysis of marketing strategies, brief overviews of the two companies need to be discussed. Overview of the two companies Procter and Gamble Procter and Gamble or P&G is one of the leading multinational consumer goods company based in America. The company headquartered in Ohio, USA and listed in New York Stock Exchange. It has successfully developed a diversified portfolio of popular brands of consumer durables. There are numbers of products in each brand and most of the products are very much popular worldwide. According annual financial report of 2011, P&G has reported revenue of $82.6 billion. ...
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