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International Marketing Table of Contents Introduction 4 Marketing Mix: 4P’s Framework 5 Product 5 Price 5 Place 6 Promotion 6 Summary 9 Internationalisation Process Theories 10 Uppsala Model 10 Eclectic Theory of International Production 11 Diamond Model Theory 12 Demand Conditions 13 Supporting Industries 14 Factor Endowments 14 Firm Strategy, Structure, and Rivalry 14 Born Global Model 14 Evaluation 15 Advantages 16 Disadvantages 16 Country of Origin Effect 17 Conclusion 18 References 19 Bibliography 20 Introduction International marketing can be defined as the process where a firm looks to enter the international market by providing the products to the international customers.


In case of IM the firms looks to make their products available to the international customers. Therefore they have to deal with PESTLE factors of not only one but several other countries. Due to this factors such as tariff barriers, govt. regulations, etc. They also have to face competition from the international competitors also. But with high risk there are opportunities to earn high returns also in the form of growth, profitability, opportunity to earn economies of scale. The study looks to focus upon some of the key issue to be considered by a firm when the firm decides to enter the international market. The company to be discussed is Tesco PLC, the biggest retailer in the UK. During the course of study the probable strategies that could be adopted by the company to expand the business has been discussed using international strategic and marketing mix of Tesco (from an international, perspective), Porter’s diamond model, Uppsala model, country of origin effect and born global model. ...
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