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Marketing Segmentation Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Critical Literature 3 Analysis of the breakfast foods market 5 Principle and importance of market segmentation strategy 13 Conclusions 15 References 17 Bibliography 19 Introduction The modern trend of the market is changing the food industry at a very fast pace.


But post 2009 companies recognized the saturation in the fast food and identified the growing prospect of the breakfast food industry and introduce many healthy items for the market by the leaders like Mc Donald’s, Subway and many others. Ready-to-use food producers like Kellogg’s, General Mills, Post and others also gaining huge sales with the modern trend in the market using readymade breakfast food in busy lifestyle just at the beginning of the day. Companies are implementing strategies depending on several factors like lifestyle, personality, demography, attitude, consumption pattern etc. for proper segmentation of the market to reach the target customers and meet their demands of daily life. Critical Literature Markets have always been segmented and products have been differentiated on the basis of the ways in which suppliers have applied different techniques of competing in the market. The crucial evidence for the above aspect collected in recent times is that researchers have been using behavioural and economic theories along with sophisticated analytical techniques for identifying the various market segments and opportunities for product differentiation (Dickson & Ginter, 1987, p.1). ...
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