How far neuromarketing can go ethically? - Literature review Example

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How far neuromarketing can go ethically?

The key source to win such intensive battle i.e. capturing target audience’s attention was the use of highly targeted communication based on effective and thorough research along with the integration of science (4imprint, 2010). Traditionally, marketers and advertisers utilised focus groups and interviews to gain insights regarding the needs and wants of the consumers. With such techniques/tools, the marketers were able to read the mind of the consumers by gauging the responses which provided them with superiority in the marketplace. But with the changes in consumer-driven marketplace, organisations have started seeking out new methods and ways to gather consumer opinions and reactions regarding a particular brand in the marketplace (4imprint, 2010). With the improvements in technology, and with increasing research of the marketers, the result has been presented in the form of neuromarketing. Neuromarketing has been highly used and it has been estimated that the usage of neuromarketing will be increasing with the passage of time. It may sound futuristic, but with the advancement of technology in this new era, marketers have been provided with an opportunity to tap into the minds of the consumers. Not only this, these new technologies allow the marketers to scientifically understand the needs and desires of the consumers. With the integration of thorough research and science i.e. (technology), marketers and advertisers have gradually enhanced their ability to exactly pinpoint the reasons and causes due to which people tend to purchase a product. In addition, such technologies have uncovered the response of brain to various advertisement and marketing tactics (4imprint, 2010). ...
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In earlier years, marketing was just considered as a tool to attract consumers by dressing up sales pitch but with the changes in time, consumers have started becoming internet maniacs. …
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