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Strategic Analysis Report Table of Contents Introduction 3 Macro Environment of Dell 3 PESTEL (Micro Environmental Analysis) 4 Porter’s Five Forces (Industry Environment Analysis) 8 Stakeholder Analysis 11 Business Ethics 12 History & Culture of Dell 12 Resource and Capability of Dell 14 Core Competencies of Dell 14 Value Chain Analysis of Dell 15 16 Scope and Diversity of Organizational Portfolio 16 Competitive Business Strategy 17 Benchmarking and Strategic Direction 17 SWOT Analysis 18 Strategic Position 20 Conclusion 21 References 22 Bibliography 27 Introduction Dell Incorporation (Dell Inc.) is regarded as one of the global leading IT (Information Technology) organisations which offer


This paper intends to conduct a strategic analysis about one of the world leading IT organisations named Dell. The discussion in this paper aims to analyse the history and culture of the organization and its impact on company’s strategy. Moreover, this discussion intends to evaluate the resource capability of Dell and also shows core competencies as well as value chain analysis of Dell. The core intention of this discussion is to strategically evaluate Dell’s corporate governance, stakeholder expectation and business ethics by which the organisation is able to attain superior competitive position. Moreover, the competitive business strategy and strategic position of Dell in terms of its rivals will also be presented in this paper. ...
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