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Marketing Planning Table of Contents Marketing Planning 1 Table of Contents 2 Pricing, Distributing and Communicating new products within Starbucks 3 New Product Launch 4 Evaluation and Control 5 Ethical Issues in Marketing 6 Effects of Ethical Issues on Marketing Mix 6 Comparative Study 7 References 8 Pricing, Distributing and Communicating new products within Starbucks Pricing implies the price or fees charged in monetary terms by an organization in return for goods and services (Pezzullo & American Bankers Association, 1998, p.172).


An optimum pricing strategy would also be the best option for the company considering the fact that the disposable income levels of consumers have dipped in the recent years owning to recessionary activities and hence this strategy can go about in improving the market share of the company through the new product. Distribution strategy implies the supply chain strategy that would be followed by the organization. Starbucks would essentially adopt a value delivery based distribution strategy that would imply that the company adds value in each of the stages of distribution (Hooley & Graham, 2008, p.6). Starbucks would also try to undertake a vertical backward integration that would help the company reduce the cost leakage and would also enable greater value creation. This would help generate cost advantage that could be passed on to the customers as price discounts. Moreover a backward integration would also enable the Starbucks to generate greater value in the finished product in the form of better quality standards as it would enable the firm to have greater control over the supply chain increasing its bargaining power by a considerable extent. ...
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