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Topic: Global Marketing Introduction Globalization has opened a plethora of opportunities for organizations and communities to trade across national and supranational boundaries. International marketing is the term coined for trade between the different international entities and is set to evolve into global marketing.


The essay defines global marketing, explores its evolution from international marketing before differentiating between the characteristics or determinants of global and international marketing strategies. The different global marketing strategies based on the various determinants will be studied while understanding the impact of global marketing in the European Union (EU) and Asia-Pacific regions. While standardization and adaptation are the key terms with international and global marketing strategies, it will be studied if either standardization or adaptation is a useful and most implemented strategy for global marketing, and the extent of each or both strategies along with other specifically customized aspects of the marketing mix are used in leveraging the concept of global marketing. The relevance and extent of branding, marketing mix, socio-economic, cultural and national boundaries in determining the usefulness of global strategies will also be studied to understand the evolution and success of the concept of global marketing. The essay also tries to answer the question if global marketing is the strategy of large organizations or if small and medium companies or organizations too can take advantage of operating in the global arena. ...
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