Longitudinal Strategic Development Study on easy Jet.

Longitudinal Strategic Development Study on easy Jet. Essay example
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The airline industry and the travel agencies are competing with each other in order to build up a strong online strategy to attract the customers and in return generate sales. Easy jet has also developed online strategy by offering online holiday packages. It deals in mainly two types of holiday packages.


The first is termed as ‘dynamic packaging’ which includes selling the customers tour package which involves separate charges for flight and hotels. The next type is ‘Opaque Packaging’ where the customers pay a single price for both the flight and hotels. Easy jet provided multi language option for flights but not for the holiday packages though it wanted to make the concept of holiday packages internationalise and increase the market share. To enable this service IVIS group provided the airline with a team of technology consultant to assist the team of easy jet and work tighter to understand the online processes (IVIS Group, n.d).
Strategic Development History
The airline industry of Europe is regulated by the European Regions Airline Association which represents about 65 intra European airlines which carry 70.6 million passengers to about 426 destinations in 61 European countries (ERA, 2011). Some of leading airlines in Europe are Lufthansa, Ryanair’s and Air France-KLM which have the best starting position in Europe and Easy jet and British Airways are the potential followers (ESMT, 2008, p.10). The European airline industry has shown a steady growth in the past decades and had doubled in size since 1990. The growth of airline industry was mainly because of the growth of low cost carriers. The demand for air travels is still the same as it was in the year 2000, but with a dip in the market share. ...
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