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Marketing Management Contents Marketing Management 1 Contents 2 Part 1 3 Main line of Marriott 3 Presence of Marriott International 4 Marketing mix 4 Implementation of concept in different countries 7 Part 2 8 Reference 10 Part 1 A service industry refers to the industry that provides services for people but does not result in the productions of goods.


Main line of Marriott Marriott International Inc. operates and franchises hotels and lodging facilities worldwide (Marriott-a, 2010). Mr. Marriott has built a culture which is highly regarded and the company recognizes the value that they bring on to the organization. At present around 300,000 people are serving guests under the brand name Marriott and franchised properties throughout the world. Mr. Marriott shifted the company’s business model from hotel ownership to franchising and property management. This allowed the company to accelerate growth and broaden his leadership. This brought up the Marriott International, a hotel management and a franchising company. The company is a leading lodging company with around 3,000 lodging properties in USA and 67 other countries (Marriott, 2011). Marriott International has almost 2300 franchised hotels. The company has won many awards with relation to franchise because of the contribution made to the International Franchise Association. Some of the awards include, 2006 Ronald E. Harrison Award by the IFA, Entrepreneurs of the year in 1984 to name a few (IFA, 2010). ...
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