Dissertation sample - how advertising strategy for luxury brand changing to take account of using internet for customers

how advertising strategy for luxury brand changing to take account of using internet for customers Dissertation example
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How Advertising Strategy for Luxury Brand Changing To Take Account of Using Internet for Customers Contents Contents 2 Introduction 3 Literature Review 4 Research Questions 7 Research Aims and Objectives 8 Aims and Objectives 8 Data to be gathered 9 Milestones and Limitations 11 References 13 Introduction Globalisation and technology are the two aspects that have changed the business strategies of organizations in the present century…


Internet marketing has transformed the business model of companies from traditional brick model to the bricks and clicks model (Pinterits, 2009, p.22). The present study would analyse the aspect of the changing nature of advertising strategies in the event of the emergence of internet and online marketing channel. The research assumes significance considering the huge reach and popularity of internet among the target market audience. According to a report published by Morgan Stanley the total number of internet users in India numbered about 1.8 billion users that represent a growth rate of 21 percent on a year on year basis. The report also shows that about 18.8 thousand minutes were spent browsing on the internet. Geographically, China followed by USA, India, Brazil and Russia have the largest percentage of the so called ‘netizens’. These figures are itself an indicative of the size of the target market that can be targeted by using internet marketing. The emergence of technologies like 3G, and advanced devices such as iPad have also accentuated the importance of internet as a medium for communicating the intended message about a product or service to the consumers (Morgan Stanley, 2010, p.6-7). ...
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