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The Role of e-Marketing in Customer Retention: A Comparative Study Between Saudi Arabian and British Organisations. - Dissertation Example

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The intention of this study is gaining insight into the aspects of e-marketing as a whole in the context of customer retention as it is crucial to have clear understanding prior to making any comparison between the organisations that belong to two different countries. …

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The Role of e-Marketing in Customer Retention: A Comparative Study Between Saudi Arabian and British Organisations.

The paper tells that there are several online and offline resources that are expected to provide enough information regarding the theoretical facets of the two main aspects of this research i.e. customer retention and e-marketing. Books like ‘E-Business and E-Commerce Management’, ‘E-Marketing’, ‘Advances in electronic marketing’ and many other are likely to be the sources of all the relevant information that is related to the core ideas as well as the usage of e-marketing. In addition to books, journals can also be used as an important source of crucial literatures regarding e-marketing. Relevant articles are expected to be accessed by going through ‘European Journal of Marketing’, ‘International Marketing Review’, ‘Journal of business strategy’ and many more journals. The literature review section is likely to include proper description of the definitions of e-marketing and the main ideas of it. Furthermore, it is likely to contain the views of different experts regarding the core concepts of e-marketing. Such views can be obtained from various previous research reports on the subject. Concepts of customer retention are also very important and hence they must be properly reviewed in the literature review section. Books are the best source for finding literature regarding the aspect like customer retention. The literature review section in the main research report is likely to include proper definitions and main concepts of customer retention as well as its importance in the present global market scenario. ...
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