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MOODS CAFE Moods cafe is a usual hangout stop for the people of Singapore at a calm spot away from the daily hustle of the city. The cafe serves light food and a moderate range of snacks along with soft-drinks and non alcoholic drinks. The restaurant has been operating for more than a decade and serving an established base of customers who predominantly visit the store to have a quiet time in the relaxing environment of Moods Cafe.


The cafe also sports a small but enough accommodating library along with some soft music and mood lighting to give a relaxing environment to its customers. With its light menu and other value added services like soft music and a small library, the customers have become addicted to the comfort and coziness offered by Moods Cafe. THREAT FROM COMPETITION The cafe in the near future will face tough competition from two of the international giant franchises namely McDonalds and Starbucks coffee. The two chains of fast food and coffee will be opening around in a period of six months and the customers can barely stop themselves from talking about it. Moods Cafe foresees a loss in its customer base to Starbucks with its state-of-the art technology deployed at the outlet along with McDonald’s world famous burgers (Jakle et al, 1999). Moods Cafe on the other hand, must come up with a strong marketing strategy in order to stop Starbucks and McDonalds from invading into Moods’ territory. COMPETITIVE MEASURES Moods Cafe’s strength is its personalized service and the light environment which people enjoy the most. The most it can do is to add more value to its services rather than totally revamp the brand image of Moods Cafe (Bennett, 1991). ...
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