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Airline Customer Service In today’s world of jet age, it is imperative that the customers of any airline company be made to feel comfortable and customer satisfaction is vital with respect to his or her transactions and interaction with the company and its service.


With the many options that are in the travel market today, airline customer service has to be top notch in order to gain repeat customers. Needs and expectations of the customers Airline customer services have deteriorated in the recent years due to growth of the travel industry. There has been lack of amenities. The airlines use the 9/11 events as reason for their actions by justifying it as economical necessity. Further implementation of newer technology for security screening has added to the frustration of the customers. There is also the matter of the employee and customer relation. This is usually transmitted from the management level. The way they are treated by the management, which in turn is reflected in the employees’ behaviour towards the customers, affects the employees’ morale. Airline companies are constantly in competition with each other for every customer, but even then they are not making the necessary investment in the customer service department. It is not logical for the travel industry professionals to believe that the customers expect 100% efficiency in the airport services. Mostly customers expect some failure in service but at the same time they expect every effort from the Airline Companies to maximise service efficiency. Service failure can occur when the customer’s expectation regarding the level of service is not met. Customers’ expectations too vary. ...
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