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Name of author: Toyota Brake Problem Analysis Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world. It is founded in August 28, 1937 in Japan. Akio Toyoda is the current president of Toyota motor company. As of March 31, 2009, the capital of Toyota is estimated as 397.05 billion yen.


They are the leading automobile manufacturer in the world for the last few decades. Even in America, Toyota cars are selling more than what the local automobile manufacturers were able to sell. Quality and reliability are the major features of Toyota vehicles. Competitors are struggling to compete with Toyota because of the superior quality, excellent supply chain, and very good after sales support, offered to the consumers by Toyota. It is difficult to compete with Toyota individually and therefore competitors are forming regional blocs to compete with Toyota. For example, “DaimlerChrysler and BMW accepted GM's invitation to cooperate in joint development of hybrid technology, in part to gang up on Toyota”2. In short, the competitors were struggling to compete with Toyota till recent times. However, Toyota suffered some major setbacks in recent times and forced to recall some of its cars because of technical problems like brake problems accelerator pedal problems etc. This paper briefly analyses the impacts of such problems caused to Toyota at present and in future. Some owners of the 2010 Prius have reported their brakes do not always engage immediately when they press the brake pedal, or that the brakes have an inconsistent feel. ...
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