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Essay example - Snapshot of Uniqlo

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Snapshot of Uniqlo Uniqlo is the largest retailer in Japan, with 5.5% of the 10.7 trillion yen Japanese apparel market. They have been operating 843 stores nationwide, as of August of 2011. They are presently focusing on opening larger stores with 1600 square meters of floor space, while closing their smaller stores…

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The company has four major brands – Theory, Comptoir Des Cotonniers and Princesse Tam.Tam and g.u. Theory, which is the mainstay brand, has been experiencing growth in the United States and Japan, and is opening markets in China and Hong Kong. As for August 2011, it was operating 371 brands throughout the world. Comptoir Des Cotonniers is a French label for women, and operates 386 stores across Europe, Japan and the United States. Princesse Tam.Tam is a brand which focuses upon lingerie, home wear and swimwear. This brand operates out of well-known department stores and boutiques, and there are 159 outlets in the United States, led by France, and is available in 40 countries in Europe. g.u. is a brand that specializes in low priced jeans, and has net sales of 30 billion yen annually, and the brand operates 148 stores in total as of August, 2011, with two new flagship stores in Osaka and Tokyo. Uniqlo is looking to expand its Asian market, as they opened their first store in Taiwan in October of 2010, which generated high sales. ...
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