Sales and marketing in communication industry

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Sales and Marketing in Communication Industry Statistics show that the commonly used tool for communication worldwide is the mobile phone. For many years, some continents like Africa have been lagging behind in terms of mobile phone usage.


This has resulted from immense marketing by marketers who have worked tirelessly in search for new markets, which has revolutionized African continent hence increasing its mobile usage to a rate of 65% annually that is double the global average. Economists argue that, for a product to reach the market there must be sales people since for them to exist there must be the need to market a product and finally make a sale. Therefore, scholars describe marketing as the activities undertaken to generate leads that plays a major role in bringing in a sale. Where else the act of turning a prospect to a buyer and thereafter a repeat customer can describe selling. The intense cross-border marketing done in some countries in Asian continent reveal, mobile wholesalers in China and India have greatly influenced mobile exporters and importers from other countries through international trade. With the increasing demand for mobile phones, distributors are working tirelessly to meet the rising demand and in the process maintain the will to ensure international and domestic trade continues well. Wholesalers on the other hand are ensuring enough stock in their depots as a sign of rising need for these communication tools (Naresh, 2011:32). ...
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