Discussion Questions and Participation - Marketing Essay

Discussion Questions and Participation - Marketing Essay Essay example
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1. An organization evaluation can be beneficial in a variety of ways. When a company performs an internal evaluation of a company the results of the evaluation can provide managers with very valuable information. The evaluation can help a company identify weaknesses that must be attended in order to improve the operation of the company.


Despite the benefits associated with evaluation they can also have negative consequences especially for publicly traded companies. If an evaluation reveals that there are internal problems in an organization this could have an adverse effect in the price of the common stock. 2. The resource based view (RBV) is a method for analyzing and identifying a corporation’s strategic advantages by evaluating the combination of its assets, skills, capabilities, and intangibles (Pearce & Robinson, 2011). The application of resourced based view can help a company enhance the functionality of a SWOT analysis. For instance a company can use the RBV to determine the value of the branding value of a company. Knowing if the company has good brand value can help in the evaluation of the opportunity section of the SWOT analysis. Opportunities for international expansion are easier to achieve for companies that have develop branding in their domestic markets. The internal weakness section of the SWOT analysis can benefit from RBV because this method can help the manager determine how valuable the tangible assets of the firm are. If for instance the RBV determined that a lot of machinery been used for production are obsolete, the firm must invest in new machinery to eliminate that weakness. Pearce, J, Robinson, R. (2011). ...
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