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Marketing Table of Contents Summary of the Article 3 Relevance to the Course 4 Agreement with the Article 4 Disagreement with the Article 5 Three Questions Left Unanswered 5 Future Impact on Any Aspect of Marketing 6 References 7 Name of the Website: Date of Publication: April 09, 2008 Title of Article: Ford to Cut New-Car Greenhouse Emissions 30% by 2020 (Update4) Summary of the Article Ford Motor Company is the third biggest automaker in the world.


However, it is not impossible to achieve this goal. The company is trying its best to draw the customers by demonstrating that it recognizes its responsibility towards the environment. The company has failed to meet its goals that were to improve the mileage on sport-utility vehicles by the year 2005 to 25%. According to the views of Susan Cischke, although the company has failed to meet its commitments, its SUV (Sports-Utility Vehicle) mileage goals has been a blueprint demonstrating where the company wants to go and thus stated that she is confident that this time the company will be able to achieve the goal. However, Alan Mulley (Chief Executive Officer) stated that the company will try to focus upon the environmental friendly issues. According to Friends of the Earth, which is an environmental group stated that the announcements that has been made by the Ford Motors has been quite unimpressive since the stated targets of 30% reduction meets the regulatory requirements (Koenig, “Ford to Cut New-Car Greenhouse Emissions 30% by 2020 (Update4)”). ...
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