Defining the brand identity of Benetton

Defining the brand identity of Benetton Essay example
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Defining the brand identity of Benetton: Semiotic analysis of company advertisements BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE Semiotic analysis of Benetton advertisements Introduction Benetton is recognised as a shock marketer, utilising racism-inspired advertisements as a means to promote its corporate values and also establish its market position as a colour-intensive fashionista.


This essay discusses the advertising intentions of Benetton in creating its unique market position identity and also conducts a semiotic analysis of three Benetton advertisements (Appendix B) to illustrate the connotative and denotative meanings as it relates to signs and the signified. Benetton brand identity Unlike other fashion retailers that utilise differentiation strategies as it relates to product, quality or pricing, Benetton has selected to undertake advocacy advertising to build identity with international consumers. This form of advertising is where the company presents its unique values and beliefs as it relates to a particular social issue (Keegan and Green, 2009). Benetton recognised that the vastness of fashion retail competition limited its ability to provide differentiation from competitors since the majority of rivals produced similar garments and fashion accessories. In order to successfully sell its fashion products to a mass market of consumers, the business required a unique positioning strategy as part of its brand development. ...
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