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A. The points of concern with the current evaluation form of the company is that the current evaluation procedure is much too focused on an employee’s character and his conduct in and around the workplace. The engineer’s task performance function is given less importance and his ability to maintain and preserve relationships, keep his working environment clean and attitude towards co-workers is focused on to a higher degree.


Lastly, the current evaluation form rates an employee on a scale that is not clearly defined. The use of ‘medium’ and ‘low-medium’ ratings can have different meanings and can form different perceptions on raters and cannot be quantified as well as some other rating scales might do. These ratings are also relative to the performance of others and thus might not accurate portray the performance of the employee and his commitment to the organization. A1. Some of the most commonly used sets of criteria used to evaluate the performance of an individual on the job are skill set, contribution towards the overall mission and goals of the company, and an employee’s work ethic. B. Evaluating based on overall contributions can be done based on criteria like sales figures, number of contracts negotiated and won and other task-related criteria. This set is perhaps most valuable because it sends a message to the employees that they shall be evaluated based on what they achieve for the company. Thus employees shall be more inclined to meet targets. In situations where an employee’s contributions can be quantified, this set of criteria can prove to be quite useful. ...
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